Monday, November 12, 2007


Sorry that I haven't blogged in a while! I tried to upload a video of Maddie wearing her new coat on Friday (see picture), but I got frustrated with our internet. We've been having problems. I even had the Geek Squad people out here last week and yet starting again last night, it's not working properly. I'm able to be online now via our wireless card, but it's much slower than our DSL-so another phone call to Verizon is in store. So, it's Monday and it's raining and pretty cold. It's 46 degrees here, but it's nice. I love the rain. Siobhan, Aibha, Maddie and I are supposed to walk this morning-which will be fun because we haven't seen them in a week :) Later, I'm having an eye exam because I'm having trouble seeing clearly. I feel like a lot of things are hazy; so we'll see. I need new glasses anyways. Gabe will be home early to watch the baby-so I'll have a break. I never thought I'd look at a visit to the optometrist as a "break." Funny.
This week isn't too busy. We'll have Gymboree, our neighbors (Sean and Rita) over for dinner on Thursday and depending on weather, Maddie and I may visit a museum this week. The National Gallery of Art has an Edward Hopper exhibit that I really want to see. The last time Maddie and I went to look at art, she wasn't a walker. We shall see how she does. I'm watching the news and the oil spill in SF Bay is a nightmare! I can't believe that happened. It's hard to watch them clean the birds and they showed air footage of the sea lions that live in the bay. Very sad. Oh, and I'm reading a really good book. It's called "The Rest of Her Life" by Laura Moriarty. Very good. It just came out, so it's hardback. She wrote the book "The Center of Everything" which I really liked and this is her second book. Maddie is getting into drawers in the dog's closet-so I gotta go :)


Anonymous said...

That is a really cute coat! Very stylish Maddie! Hope your weekend was good and you all are feeling much better this week. Funny you mention your eye problems, over the last few weeks I've been having issues with my right eye. It keeps getting blurry and I can't look straight on at things when it does. Mainly when driving, watching TV or on the computer- which is essentially most the time. Maybe it's astigmatism...not sure what that is, but I think a trip to the opto is in order for me as well. I haven't had new glasses in 7 years, ahh! Good thing I have a vision plan ;) We had a busy weekend, got an artificial xmas tree. Never thought I'd see the day when I would, but it's nice and easier to deal with, Ella seems to like it too. She loves all the holiday stuff in the stores right now, should be a fun Christmas. I'll call you this week and hopefully we can get together soon! Love ya, Lex

MOM said...

Good morning! Finally an update :) Love the new coat and am really surprised she has her hood up! Maybe I need to knit her a warm cap for winter! Have a fun day and I'll talk to you soon - love, MOM
Oh, and I'm in San Jose this week should anyone be looking for me:)

SARAH said...

Thanks for the comments Ladies. Lex, you're already ready for Christmas with the tree?! I haven't even thought about decorating anything yet. Get your eyes checked :) It's hard to find time to do it; I know. But being blind in one eye has to be harder :) Mom, she may actually wear a cap should you want to knit one for her. I bought her a white, kitty cap that velcros under her chin and she wore it fine the other day. I also put her hoods up a lot with her little sweatshirts when we walk to get the mail and she doesn't mind. So, maybe she'd wear it.

Elisabeth said...

Hey there, cute pic as always. Yes the oil in the bay is a nightmare and super sad. Especially upsetting because the response was real slow to getting it cleaned up the first few days. At first it was only a few thousand gallons and then they admitted it was 58,000, a little bit of a difference.
It sucks too because its been beautiful here and all the beaches are closed.
Anyway glad that the cool weather has come instead of the horrible heat.
Love to you all.