Friday, April 18, 2008


Today has been a busy day, and a hot one! Maddie and I woke up at the usual time and then went on a walk down by the Potomac river. It was a perfect morning in terms of weather and Maddie and I enjoyed ourselves. We stopped at the store for taco fixings for dinner and then came home to play. Yesterday we toured her preschool and it was AWESOME! I'm so glad she got in there and I can't wait for what she'll be able to learn both academically and socially. They have a really good teaching and learning philosophy and the women who work there seem great. So, Maddie will start after Labor Day (both the real Labor day and after my next labor day :)
We went to Open Gym this afternoon because it was 84 degrees outside!!! In April?!? Definitely my personal nightmare...and I'm only 5 months pregnant. Just picture late July...
Dog Show tomorrow and Sunday, but Maddie and I are going tomorrow. It's indoors and should be fun. Have a great weekend.

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