Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Went to the Midwife today

I had my appointment with my midwife today and it went well; to be honest, it wasn't all that exciting. Got weighed (gained 2 pounds in the last 6 weeks), blood pressure is good, got measured and I'm measuring at 18 weeks (which is what I am) and heard that fast little heartbeat. Everything is totally normal and good. I talked with her about how I'm still SO sick all the time and a couple of other things which made her say "there's a good chance you're having a boy." Funny. I'm scheduled for that all telling ultrasound next Thursday the 10th. I cannot wait to find out what this baby is. I'm too impatient to wait for it to be born! So, that's the scoop around here. Pretty exciting. I'm working on the CA pictures and they should be up no later than tomorrow. Hope you're all having a great Tuesday and Happy April Fool's Day (nothing in this post is an April Fool's Joke)


Siobhan said...

Sorry I haven't been in touch but our house phone still hasn't arrived, so we're waiting on that. My cell phone also died while you were away so meaning to get that done also. ;) Mia and Brian found out yesterday that they're having a boy so you never know...Don't know if you're up to going to Open Gym tomorrow but we'll be there with bells on. Can't wait to chat. xx

Siobhan said...

we'd love to see you both on Friday. We'll head down your way if you don't mind just to give Aibha a change of scenery. BTW, you can call my cellphone and I'll either answer it or get the message. I just can't see who called or any of my phone numbers as it's the screen that died. :) See you soon,xxx

SARAH said...

Hey there. Come our way Friday. I'll give you a call, but maybe around 2pm or so? We can drive down to that park and enjoy the outdoors :)