Thursday, April 24, 2008

Happy Birthday Gabe!!

Today is Gabe's 30th Birthday and we got home from Gabe's parents house a little bit ago. We went there and had dinner and some cake to celebrate and Gabe opened his presents. His sisters gave him some great books and a gift cert. for Home Depot so that we can really start to make our backyard look like something this year! He got some really great clothes from his parents and from me he got our weekend trip to Luray, VA. We're staying at a bed and breakfast and then taking a tour of the famous Luray Caverns on Sunday morning. He had NO idea. When he went to open his "present" he looked so confused. I had gone to a party store and bought a plastic hard hat, put a fake head lamp looking thing around it and attached a light stick and a note. The light stick totally threw him off; it was supposed to be like a flashlight for the caverns. The note attached was a long rhyme I made up that gave him clues until at the bottom it told him what we're doing. He's really excited. Maddie will be staying with Sandy and Carlos that night and them watching her and our dogs is also a present to Gabe. I'll take lots of pictures over the weekend and share them with you when we get back. I made Gabe a cake today also, and when he get's home later we'll be enjoying that (I am having a hard time not cutting into it myself!) Here's to another 30 years!!!

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Anonymous said...

Hope you both had a wonderful trip to the caverns. Looking at the weather today I don't think we'll be able to have a walk but maybe when we get back from our trip. We leave tomorrow and get back next Tuesday. Have a wonderful week and I'll talk to you once we get home. Take care of yourselves. xx Siobhan and Aibha