Monday, May 17, 2010

Day 57

Well, today I had jury duty. I went into it sort of looking forward for a break from my life. A place to go and read and knit and just hang out. The day started that way but it took a turn at a certain point and all I can say is that I was selected to be a juror in a trial that will last the next 2 weeks of my life... Obviously I cannot talk about what kind of trial it is, etc. but I do need prayers. If you pray, please pray that I can be fair; that my kids will be well taken care of without me; that Gabe can balance his workload and our homeload on his own; that I may be patient; and most of all that through this trial (literally) I can somehow serve God. That was my prayer today heading to the courthouse. I wanted Him to show me how He could use me, and to make me available to that. So, here we go. I'm blogging this mostly to say that for the next 2 weeks (except Fridays and weekends) I won't be living my normal life which means I won't be carrying my camera around for snapshots to use as "picture of the day." Bear with me if there's times when nothing gets posted. I'll do my best. But, today Gabe took the girls on an outing that has become something of a tradition in our home. When the girls need new shoes, Daddy takes them and buys them a pretzel afterwards. Because Gabe is so great, he even did what I would have really wanted him to do: he took a snapshot of the new kicks. Maddie wears a size 8.5 now (OMGoodness) and Gracie is in a 6 wide :) Classic.

* Zapatos Neuvos


Laura said...

oh no... well I hope that it goes by smoothly and quickly for you! I'm sure Gabe will do a great job! :)

Siobhan said...

Well done you and I know you'll do you best and be fair and wise. I'll be thinking of you and hope to see you soon. Well done also to Gabe and if he needs a break , you know Aibha would only love to have Maddie over :) I promise there will be no scissors involved!! Take care, xx

elisabeth said...

I thought you must have been chosen since you were not answering my calls ;) Good luck doing your civic duty. I will pray for you but I know you will do great. Love ya!