Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Day 63 & 64

As my jury duty continues I find that I have more to say but cannot! Yesterday I left my house at 8am and stayed at court until 5pm. Then I drove to MD for my weekly Monday night meeting and afterwards went to dinner with friends. I walked in the door around 10:20pm! It was a long day but after group and dinner I felt refreshed. Tired, but refreshed. Sometimes you just need some good laughs with some girlfriends to feel like part of the world again :) So, this morning I'm off to court again. Yesterday was incredibly boring and I'm hoping that it's not as painful today.
Yesterday Gabe took the girls to work with him and then headed into DC to the Air and Space Museum-alone, with both girls. I was so proud of him. He's really doing an amazing job with them; last Friday when I was off court Maddie sobbed when Gabe headed off to work...At first it hurt my feelings but then I realized how sweet that was. We have dinner plans tonight with another couple at a restaurant we love. Can't wait :)

*I'll post the pic's Gabe took later. I'm running out the door!

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