Thursday, May 20, 2010

Day 58, 59 & 60

Well, as I had said previously, blogging this week and next will not be the same. I have SO much to say and I'm not allowed to say any of it. That's what happens when you're a juror. I can say that yesterday was tough and I'm thankful that today we are getting out early and that tomorrow I get to just be a mom ;) I've been looking forward to Friday all week long. I'm taking the girls to the zoo and plan to enjoy every single minute! That's one thing I realized when I came home last night. I am definitely hugging my girls a bit tighter. My friend Katie had a great idea about why I may have been selected for jury duty. I had been thinking that maybe they saw that I could be fair, or maybe they needed someone with a Hispanic last name. But I had been sharing with Katie all the ways that Gabe has been truly amazing with keeping up with the house work and the kids. I even commented that "he's doing everything the way I do it!" Katie responded that maybe that's the lesson here. That God wants me to really appreciate Gabe for what an amazing husband and father he is. And, for Gabe to realize what my daily life is like and gain a new appreciation for me. I LOVE this idea. What better way could God have us to gain compassion for each other? So, this morning I'm up early and going to leave very soon. This experience also gives me a new gratitude about my own job as a mom. It was definitely a job meant for me! It is very difficult at times; can even feel stifling (just being honest) but it's exactly where I'm supposed to be. The following pic's were from yesterday and they don't have much to do with my post, but here ya go :-)

*Top to Bottom: Teeth, Super-Sleeping Dog, ZaZoooo, & Salad (The lettuce is from OUR GARDEN :)


elisabeth said...

Tucker is hilarious! So cute!

Siobhan said...

Lovely post Sarah. I love that way of looking at things. Enjoy the Zoo :)