Monday, May 31, 2010

Day 69 & 70

Today is Memorial Day and it's nice to be home with nothing to do. I have been so busy/tired from jury duty that the thought of actually writing a post has been too much. Today I feel rested and relaxed and hopeful that my trial will end this week. I'm getting really excited for my trip to CA. It's been 6 months since we were last there and I'm excited to be with my family with my kids and husband. The traveling can be difficult, but I'm choosing to have a positive attitude ahead of time. Gracie is going through a screaming phase (mainly when she can't express with words what she wants-she screams!) and that has Gabe apprehensive about the flight. I've explained to him that we're going to do the best we can and that we cannot control her-so we shall see. Maddie should be a breeze, hopefully, but she too is in a phase. Her phase is more of the grouchy, 3 year old type. You know the starts with a furrowed brow and then morphs into throwing something on the ground all while saying "I want to go home!" What can I say? Our house is a place that time-outs are abundant right now :)

I was thinking this week that this jury duty/switching daily roles with my husband thing has been tough on us. First, I have to say that Gabe has shined in his role. He took it on (after much grumbling) and then gave it his best shot. I felt very proud of him week 1. Then week 2 came around and he was still fulfilling his role but was so sure I'd be done at the end of the week that when I had to call him and say I have to go back tomorrow, he got sort of bent out shape (nice way to put it). You see, I was really looking forward to this weekend; 3 days of nothing to do and at least I didn't have to be stuck in a window-less room with 11 strangers. But, Gabe and I had to get back on board with one another. After 2 weeks of a trial (both in the court sense and in the being tested by God sense) we were at each other's throats. He was frustrated that he couldn't go back to work (read that as his realization that staying home with kids all day is no walk in the park) and I was sensitive, zoned out and really stressed about the verdict I'm rendering. So, just like normal people,we took it out on each other. He lashed out at me and I shut down and then got mad. Let's just say Friday evening wasn't my proudest moment. By Saturday morning we had enough time to gain a desire to clean our sides of the proverbial street clean and with apologies we were back on "our" team.

My point in sharing all of that is to show that there was a realization I had during our fight. That when we are going through something tough in life, we have 2 choices. We can argue and be mad or we can lean on eachother and God. I started jury duty with that in mind; that maybe God was trying to teach us something about appreciation. So, we approach week 3 of jury duty with that in mind. The fact that God never gives us more than we can handle has been helpful. Also, the fact that even when it's been tough these last 2 weeks, we are still doing fine. And, that's what really matters.

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