Saturday, February 23, 2008

"The Baby Sounds Perfect"

That's a quote from my doctor yesterday as we were listening to it's heartbeat. It was VERY fast sounding-which is normal for it's age, but it left Gabe thinking that maybe it's a boy. He's so funny. Maddie was at the doctor too and she stopped what she was doing and listened very intently to the sound of the heartbeat. It was cute and we were telling her that's her baby; she's a big sister. Of course, she has no idea what we're talking about, but she'll be hearing this a lot in the months to come! It's funny because whenever you find out you're pregnant, you have moments of sort of not believing it. Then, you finally have the appointment that let's you hear that your baby is indeed alive and living inside you. It's crazy and very real. Yesterday we were in the same exact room they put us in when we heard Maddie's heartbeat for the first time. It was dejavu. I'm telling you, this pregnancy is EXACTLY the same as the last time. Makes me think there's a girl in there :) But, we won't know until the first week of April. That's when my next appointment is (it's supposed to be in March, but I'll be in CA, so it's after that) and we will get to make our appointment for the ultrasound then. I know lots of people who choose to not find out what they're having the second time around-but I'm not one of those people. I need to plan too much and organize the nursery to hold two kids! So exciting.
Other than that, not much is happening around here. We're healthy and counting down the days until we go home. I'm going to take some pic's of Maddie today because many of you are asking for them.

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Anonymous said...

Congratulations! It's all very exciting and as you say it's now very real that you've heard the heartbeat We had our appointment yesterday too and the Dr we saw is convinced it's a boy because apparently my tummy is looking a bit fuzzy...who knew!!! ;) Unlike you though, much and all as I would love to know (being completely unprepared for a boy as you know) I'm going to hold out. It seems so long away though. Talk to you after the weekend. xxx