Monday, February 4, 2008


Hello All,
It's been FOREVER since I kept up my blog like I did in the old days (you know, summer time?) so I'm officially back. There's many reasons I haven't even been online as much, but that's a bore. So, Maddie and I had a nice day. We got up early and then had to go back to bed because Zora is sick. She woke me up at 5:30 puking (lovely) and in that commotion, Maddie woke up too. Can you tell that nothing is sound proof in our house? Then, Maddie and I went on a nice walk with Siobhan and Aibha and then back to their house to play for a bit. Gabe woke up really sick also (he thinks he's dying :)-you know how men are... He's been to the doctor and has swollen glands and some gross infection on the tonsils so he got antibiotics. He's not well, though seriously, so he's banned to the basement because I don't want that s&*t. So, everything's fine here at Casa de Mejias. We're keepin' on keepin' on because what else are you going to do? (I'm in a weird mood, can you tell?)


Laura said...

You are too funny! Banned to the basement... lol Keep it up... I don't post a comment all the time but I do read your blog every time you post(thank you google reader!!)

Anonymous said...

We had fun yesterday. Thanks for coming over. It was great getting to see you both. Hope you weren't too tired or had a headache after my loud baby :) Talk to you soon and enjoy the pancakes if you have any ;) z

SARAH said...

Thanks for the comments girls! Laura, you must be getting excited about your wedding :) Siobhan, we had fun and no headaches :)