Tuesday, February 26, 2008

We've been "wait-listed"

I'm incredibly frustrated and the title of this post is because Maddie's on the wait list for several preschools. Some, I wish she was on the list, but she'd be so far down (I'm told) that there's no way she'll get in. I'm desperately trying to find a preschool for Maddie for the fall when the baby comes. It's an uphill struggle. The joke about putting your child on a preschools waiting list when they are born so that they may attend when they are two is REAL. I'm way late. Apparently, many of the preschools I'm interested in (you know, Co-op's, kid centered, etc.) had open enrollment in January! Many closed the enrollment period a few weeks ago. Wouldn't that be just my luck? Right when I'm so darn sick with debilitating nausea, I'm supposed to call and tour preschools? Yeah, right. I could barely think straight, let alone try to be pleasing enough that they choose Maddie. So, here we are. Calling schools and having the directors put me on waiting lists that they say "aren't very promising." Not to mention the fact that I had a baby at the wrong time of year. You read me right. Apparently, the preschools here (and elementary schools) follow a law that states that the child must be the required age by September 30th of that year. Meaning, when Maddie is ready for Kindergarten (which will begin in September) she will only be 4 because she'll be turning 5, 10 days after the cutoff. That means, she'll have to wait an extra year and start Kindergarten when she's 5 (practically 6!) What the heck? 6 year olds are in 1st grade. At least she's so tiny that it might look like it makes sense. Who knows. We'll cross that bridge when we get there. For now though, I'm a mom-on-a-mission.
The thing is, right now, with just Maddie and me, it's great. We have a blast, we have a routine, we're fine. I just want something she can do, on her own, with new friends a couple mornings a week after the baby comes. What else can I do? There are still the mass daycare centers that they have all over the country. They're all run independently, so no two are the same-and they take babies starting at 6 months, so Maddie doesn't have to fulfill some age requirement there. They are definitely more expensive and I just like the idea of a smaller place with less kids for Maddie. Maybe that won't be our reality until she's 3. When she's 3, I will be on top of the open enrollment periods for these preschools that I've called so that she can get in.
So, if you're someone who prays, please do. Lord knows I am. If you try to think positively, try picturing Maddie at the preschool of my dreams.


Anonymous said...

Does not sound like fun! I guess I thought it would be a piece of cake to get into pre-school too, so we are even further behind the curve for Ella! Wanted to let you know that there is a new preschool in Old Town, I called them when we were looking for a new daycare. They look nice and they said that after they filled the one last vacancy they had for the toddlers a spot would come open again in October. If you haven't called them already maybe see what they say now. It's called American
Day School of Oldtown (703)837-0237, the website is only one page- americandayschool.com. It's on Princess St. Best of luck!!! See you tomorrow night!

Mom said...

relax! The perfect preschool will be available - just trust that. Ms. Maddie will do great and if she has to be 6 when she goes to school then that is fine as well. You would do yourself a BIG favor to not worry about the things you can't change - just accept that this is the way it is and it will all work for the best. You need to relax - you are growing my next grandbaby and I need both of you to be as healthy as possible. I love you and think about all of you every day with lots of love, best thoughts and prayers. Enjoy your day - MOM

SARAH said...

Thanks for the comments. I'm finally relaxing (Mom)about the whole thing. There's a place for her somewhere and I'm going to find it!