Tuesday, February 12, 2008


We went to vote at 7:30am = no line!! :)

Maddie got a sticker too! (a little under the weather, can you tell?)

So, today is the Virginia Presidential Primary and it feels really cool to be part of this time in history. It's a big deal. I think until this election, I've always taken my right to vote for granted, but for some reason, now, at almost 30 years old, I'm starting to understand why it's so important and why we are lucky to be able to vote for what we want. It's pretty spectacular. So, if you're a Virginian (or at least someone who's transplanted here) then vote today.
Okay, enough of my "Proud to be an American" sentiment :) Today, I'm feeling even better than yesterday, but still coughing like a person who smokes 3 packs a day :( Not attractive. It's Valentine's this week and I need to get Gabe something. Just something small, but seriously, I have a great husband and he deserves something. I mean, for the past (too many to count) days, he has gotten up at the crack of dawn to walk and feed dogs, headed to work to open the store (7 days a week), come home to help with the baby, laundry and of course cooking. No wonder he's tired!! So, I appreciate him; how could I not? I've got to figure out what to get him. Many of you commented about me getting a home alarm and I want to explain that. I'm a scared-cat; I am always imagining someone breaking in to my house (especially when I'm showering; who knows?) and Gabe is always hearing me say these things. So, to show his love, my Valentines present is the home alarm. How do you spell love? A-D-T :) Anyways, we live pretty close to Route 1 which isn't always the best in terms of sirens, etc. so we just want piece of mind. Plus, we get a discount on our home owner's insurance for having an alarm-so it's a win-win. It gets installed next Tuesday. Okay, I have to do homework for my class tomorrow night. If you don't know I'm taking a class, it's to renew my teaching license before it expires. It's pretty interesting, but since it's once a week, half the time I forget I have homework! Have a great Tuesday...

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Anonymous said...

I like that you voted bright and early! Yeah democracy! I feel ya!
Love the background on the ADT, you did snag yourself a good hubby :)