Monday, February 18, 2008

Ready for Spring...

Hello All,
I haven't been online in a while because I hurt my back. I know, I know... can I have any more problems?!? Well, apparently I can. I've been to the chiropractor two times and I go again this morning. I'm finally starting to feel some relief. Basically, he said that when you're pregnant, you have this hormone (I think) called Relaxin and it makes all your joints softer so that your hips can spread, blah, blah, blah. So, that's my problem. This baby is giving me serious pain in my back-pain that meant that for the past 5 days, I've been standing crooked. Bizarre. So, I think I'm almost done with all my physical problems and life can just get back to normal. But, to be honest, I'm sort of down lately. I think it's mostly the weather and the fact that every sickness possible has struck our house ever since I found out I was pregnant. It's made it more stressful than I remember when I was in the first trimester with Maddie. I was working back then, and while I do remember being sick all the time (morning sickness), I could come home after work and just lay down and do nothing. I don't really have that luxury anymore. Maddie's too busy and on the move-which doesn't allow alot of down time for me. She is still taking 2 naps a day (fingers crossed that this never changes) which is awesome because I do get that time to myself. But, during that time, I'm usually wishing the weather was nicer so we could go out and do something, or I'm obsessively worrying about what life will look like this time next year. I mean, picture it. I'll have an almost 2 and half year old and a 6 month old!! Everything I've read about being pregnant the 2nd time talks about this worry. Which is good because it shows that I'm not all alone. But, you mom's know how it is. You sort of can't imagine how you'll even take care of just one baby and when she arrives, you don't remember life without her? I'm hoping that happens the second time around. All I know is that pregnancy the second time, is different. I'm still trying to figure out if it's good-different, or bad-different. Just trying to be honest. Gabe and I go on Friday to hear the heartbeat for the first time :) That's pretty exciting and I'll post how it goes.


Annie said...

You said: when she arrives, you don't remember life without her? I'm hoping that happens the second time around

It does. No worries. :)

Loving your second baby just as much as you love your first one, although in a completely different way since the new one will be just as much an individual as your first one is, is definitely one of those feelings in life you cannot fully understand until it actually happens to you.

But it will happen. You'll see. :)

Sorry about your back! I had some lower back pains while pregnant with Ryan and it wasn't fun. But it did go away. Hope you feel better soon!

SARAH said...

Thanks Annie. It's such a weird feeling (being pregnant the second time) and I think it's maybe even more overwhelming than with the first. It's like, now I know what I'm in for :) My back is much better now and I sort of had a positive epiphany last night, so I think I'm back on track. Thank you for your words.

Anonymous said...

It's true- you will love that second child very much and it will be wonderful when he or she comes just as it was with Maddie.
One thing is for sure... you will be busy! Lately I think that I never want my boys to get older though. I really enjoy their ages... even at the toughest moments. I am more scared to have two teenages- but we won't go there right now :).
I am soooo excited for this baby... you ARE going to find out if it's a boy or girl, right? I don't think I could wait until it comes.
Love you,

SARAH said...

I am definitely finding out what he/she is. We will be able to know the first week of April, so the countdown is on :) Thanks for commenting, Kirst!