Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Strange weather

Today we are having the strangest weather. It's warm and windy outside and it's only 8am; not to mention that it's February (you know, winter?). Last night I told Gabe I thought the weather was neat because you can kind of trick your mind into thinking it's March or something and then he said "yeah, or global warming." True, but I was trying to be positive :) So, yesterday was busy. Maddie went to Gymboree and fell down, hurt the back of her head and let out an incredible wail :( (very sad). She recovered, but only after scaring a few of the other children with her crying, which in turn made them cry! Then, we came home to where Gabe was home sick from work and still dying. I headed out to the asthma doctor and had a breathing test; seems that my lungs are doing fine. In the afternoon, I snuck out again to get a pedicure and relax (ahhh. But, I got home and realized that I really hate the color I chose! I was on the phone with Mom when I was choosing my color and didn't pay enough attention. It's the color of shrimp :( and I was going more for the color of cotton candy (or something along the pink lines and not so coral). Guess I'm stuck with it. Today, Maddie and I are going to open gym at Gymboree with Siobhan and Aibha (I think) and then running errands. Busy, busy. I may try to take some pic's today so that I can post them. Hope you all have a fabulous Wednesday.

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