Thursday, July 15, 2010

Day 115

Today has been a MUCH better day than yesterday.

Yesterday was so crappy there's not even words for how many pains, problems, stresses, aggravations, etc. that I encountered. It was one of those days that by 8pm you are so thankful that it's over.

I decided today had to be different and so it has been. I woke up and went to the dr. for what ails me (my neck/shoulders of course) and then some of our greatest friends came over for a playdate. Playdates are awesome because my kids take the best naps afterwards. All that sharing, really wears them out :)

Then, I tried to work on a new knitting project for my sister Gianna, but I made a couple mistakes and had to rip it all out. My mom always says that she learned the most in knitting by ripping out her work and starting over. However, that is one of the most frustrating parts of the knitting hobby in my opinion. But, I'm going to give it another go. Hopefully GiGi will have her scarf by the time it get's cold in California ;)

The other awesome thing about today is that it's Date Night. I hope I'm not the only mother out there who actually counts the hours between when naps end and the sitter arrives... Gabe and I are going to run some errands, hit our meetings, and then go out to dinner. Nothing fancy, just time to be adults. Happy Thursday!

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Laura said...

Love date nights!! Jason and I are going to the city for a day/overnight trip on Sat... we've been counting down the days for months now! :)We are taking the Ferry over, going to lots of restaurants, shopping sprees and going to see some live music! And I'm starting this little weekend getaway off with a trip to the spa tomorrow... by myself! ;)

The girls look so sweet here.

Anonymous said...

Just precious. Hope you enjoyed your night.