Saturday, July 17, 2010

Day 117

I plan to take some pictures this afternoon and hopefully upload them a bit later. We are headed to a family potluck that we do once a month or so with some families from our church. It's one of those things where the kids ALWAYS outnumber the adults; so it's not relaxing but it's usually fun and we get to eat lots of good food! My contribution today is some homemade guacamole and then some made-from-a-box brownies. I'm sure both will go over well :)

Tomorrow we get to have a visitor! Aunt Jen is coming to DC for work/school and we are having her over for brunch tomorrow morning :) We love visitors and the girls are especially excited as they both formed a bond with Aunt Jen at the cabin last month.

I also want to mention how HOT it is here. It's oppressive and makes you wonder why you live here....

Happy Saturday!

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