Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Day 121

Today when I came home from running errands, I put my house key into our front door and walked inside. Later, after I'd fed the girls lunch and was cleaning up, I found half of my house key on the floor near the door and the other half tethered to my key chain where it belonged. I was so surprised because I've never seen a key just break in half from regular use!

So, this afternoon I was getting out of the house to have my neck/shoulders/everything adjusted at the Chiropractor and decided in my spare time to get a new key made. When I made it to the hardware store, I was surprised to see all the choices there are for keys. As I looked through I couldn't decide what key would be best. Then, the perfect one stood out from the rest. I knew it would make Maddie's day and tickle Gracie pink to see this new key. So, here's what I went with and the reaction was totally worth it :-)*This is the "I'm-the-Mom-of-2-girls" house key!


Mom aka Nonnie said...

Yeah! Whatever you did worked! I can comment again. So here it goes -
love the key and can only imagine the girls excitement. As I mentioned in my call to you yesterday, I LOVE THE VIDEOS!! To see Gracie rockin' out, both of them on the scooter - but especially the way Maddie dragged it back - priceless and precious. I thank you so much for keeping your blog up. It really does help this Nonnie feel connected to you all. Tell Maddie we got her beautiful cards yesterday and when Grand Jer gets home this weekend, we will definitely write back to her! Love to all - Mom/Nonnie

Anonymous said...

This is the perfect key for your brood. I am just wondering when you picked it out at the store if you felt a need to explain ;) You aren't really one to wear Disney princess clothes. Although I do remember your bizarre fascination with Beauty and the Beast, which you watched like every morning (which meant I did too) and you were in junior high!
Love ya!