Friday, July 23, 2010

Day 123

*Big Girl Bob :-)

When I came home yesterday with my new 'do, the first thing Maddie did was tell me how beautiful she thought I was. The next thing? "Mommy, if you have short hair...I need short hair." That's what we did today and she looks so cute. Happy Friday!


Dan said...

My beautiful niece!!

SARAH said...

Isn't she the best?! :) Looks like a big girl now. Miss you Dan.

Anonymous said...

Dan, did Maddy have a "bear's butt" hairdo before the cut? (I dare you to say "yes").

Only brothers get away with this type of comment.

Both of you look GREAT!!, but I think that Gracie led the way with the short hairdo trend.

SARAH said...

@Anonymous: "bear's butt" was a reference to a terrible haircut I had in San Diego; not Maddie's hair. Her's has always been the loveliest :)