Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Day 128 & 129

Yesterday was very busy! I cleaned out my closet, gathered items to donate (A LOT!), took apart Grace's baby crib, and then Gabe & I put together a new bed for Maddie! I was exhausted and couldn't have been bothered to blog. So, here's today...fresh and new...and Maddie woke up with a fever ;( It's not very surprising considering we've been battling Grace's fever with every 4 hour generic tylenol doses...but I thought that was all teething. Guess not! So, it's another day around the house for us. Maybe I'll work on the girls' closet today...

*Clockwise starting top left corner: Zora, Relaxing, 7am, M & M's, Big Kisses, Cheese on the Potty, Redskins, & Goose :-)

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