Tuesday, August 14, 2007

3 Days and Counting

Happy Tuesday,
Let's see. Maddie decided to wake at 5:50 this am. Not sure why, but I did decide yesterday that she's in a growth spurt because of how hungry she seems. She's really busy- still close to walking and more adventurous in the steps she takes from the couch to the table. Today she's decided she loves to carry around several of her baby spoons. She's crawling and cruising, all the while holding the precious spoons. It's funny to watch. I'm rushing around trying to get ready to leave her here for the weekend. Alexa get's married on Saturday in Las Vegas and so I'm leaving on Friday (hence "3 Days and Counting). I'm conflicted about how I feel to leave her. I'm happy to go because I'm watching one of my best friends get married, because I get to see my sister, my mom and Kirstie, because I'll be in Vegas and only have to worry about myself for 3 whole days! But, I'm sad to leave Maddie and Gabe at the same time. I'm really worried she's going to walk when I'm gone! Gabe is such a good dad to her and she'll also be spending some time with his mom, so I know she's in good hands; they just aren't my hands. So, I'm running errands for the things I need for this trip and I'm stocking the house with baby stuff so that Gabe won't run out. Remember a time when you could take off for Vegas with just yourself and a suitcase? Me neither :)


MOM said...

Nonnie says BRING HER!! Sorry, i know you aren't going to but what the heck - instead of stressing about it have her come hang out in Vegas. Can't wait to see you (even if it's just you:)) Love you - MOM

SARAH said...

Wish I could, but me thinks it too hectic for the wee one. I just felt Irish :)