Friday, August 3, 2007

Is it like this for everyone?

Here is an actual conversation I had with my partner in Spanish class last night (we had the conversation in English-we're not that advanced. Side note: he was born in 1988.

Me: So, you go to school here?

Him: No, I go to Salisbury in Maryland.

Me: Cool.

Him: You're like way out of college right?

Me: (chuckling) Yeah, I think I finished college like 5 years ago. Then I got my teaching license.

Him: Yeah, I'm taking like 24 credits this summer.

Me: Wow, I think the most I ever took at once was 19 and that was tough!

Him: Well, nowadays people take like 30 credits a year.

Me: (thinking to myself) Nowadays-how old am I?

Okay, so in case you don't see what I saw in this conversation-he thinks I'm old. He can tell I finished college a long time ago, that I have a few wrinkles around my eyes, and that I'm still carrying some weight from that baby I always talk about. What I really want to say to this guy is: "Wait until you're 29 and life is flying by and you still feel 19, but you're not. Wait until you take some little class to help fill your already full day and some young chick asks you in a knowing way 'you're way out of college right?' I thought the whole thing was hilarious and I wrote it down secretly word for word so that I could blog it. That's how obsessed I am with blogging. I'm also obsessed with what any of you who read this have to say. My comments are not rolling in like they once were and I'm sad :( So, if you read, could you just say one little thing? Something you liked or didn't-anything.
Baby's up from her nap-gotta feed her...

PS- The picture is me, blogging this morning (can you say "tired")


Laura said...

Sarah that's so funny...
I always think of my self as still being young but my body doesn't. I hurt my knee about a year ago.. I'm not sure what I did, maybe tore cartilage or something? I never went and got it looked at and it still bothers me! I'm not healing as well as I once used to. lol Also it's so much harder to keep off extra weight! Lately I've been exercising a lot more but I used to just be able to cut back on my portions to lose weight.

Too funny... at least are minds are still thinking "young"!

Anonymous said...

Come on, Sarah, you're not that old. You still have your teeth (I hope), you don't ask Boy Scouts to help you across the street (I hope) and you don't wear adult diapers (Please, tell me you don't). So, it could be worse.

Guess Who

Dan said...

First off, this guy seems interesting. He says he's taking 24 credits, that means he is ridiculously behind, or has nothing better to do. Furthermore, he also says "people are taking 30 credits per year
", hate to inform the guy that 30 credits per year is only 15 per semester which is a normal course load, and has been for many years. Also, who really cares about how old anyone is. Shoot, I'm married to someone 7 years older than me, but I can understand where you're coming from. It is a weird transition to go from college fun to grown up responsibility (kids), but it's one transition I have had a blast with, and I know you have also.

SARAH said...

Yeah, Comments!!! Good job folks. Yes, Laura it is weird how our bodies start breaking down and at first you don't understand it and then you think, oh yeah, I'm almost 30 :) I think that Guess who is Justin...tell me if I'm right. Adult diapers gave it away! Dan, I know I shouldn't care about age, but at the same time, it keeps coming up for me. If it never came up, I probably wouldn't give it a second thought. The guy in class is very young and has that "I know everything attitude" so I didn't take it too seriously. Just thought it would make for a good blog :) PS. I found Mom.

Elisabeth said...

Sarah, you are not old nor do you have wrinkles. Get Real! And I would comment more on your blog more often but I talk to you all the time, I comment to your face.
Anyway I was in an interview for three hours today, otherwise I would have read your blog sooner.
The guy you talked to sounds like a real idiot, how do you say that in Spanish? Most of the time when I am with you people think you are 16, so please don't think you look old at all.
Kiss my namesake for me!

Anonymous said...

I'm mistaken for 30 all the time (guess it's my hairline). Age is relative, (as is our relationship) -rim shot on drums-.

There will always be someone younger, smarter, prettier, more successful....fill in the blank. Contentment is about being thankful for where you are and counting your blessings. I think as most people get older, they develop a wider perspective, are less focused on themselves, and don't sweat the little things. This guy is probably a lot like any of us at his age. Thankfully, we grow out of it.

You're great, believe it, and don't let anyone tell you any different!


Siobhan said...

All I can say about this is I agree with all of the above ...what a twit!!!

SARAH said...

Siobhan, He was a twit and I'm not usually his partner, but my normal partner, Kristen, had to be with someone else :( So, I appreciate all comments on this. I found it more amusing than irritating, but maybe now I'm a bit more irritated. Dad,your comment is really good and from an older point of view-which I like. I know that as you get older you do see more outside of yourself and I want that-I don't want to care so much about age, weight, makeup (how much do I wear), etc. It's also probably different as a woman and what society says we are supposed to be. (didn't think I was going there, but I went...)