Monday, August 27, 2007

Monday, Monday

Sorry it took so long to write, but I've had a hurt back for the last 2 days. I know, I know, I seem like I'm 80 or something. But, with lifting the baby from the crib, carrying her around, heaving the stroller into the back of the car, leaning over to bathe her and then lift her out of the tub...the list goes on. I'm surprised more mom's don't have sore backs. Not to mention the very long car trip we took to Charlottesville on Saturday. It was a beautiful baptism. Baby Grayson and Maddie are only 4 days apart in age (Grayson is older) and they do share some similarities. Basically you can tell they are related in some way. One random thing that happened there. I was talking to the minister (a very old gentleman) and he asked me where I was from. I told him "Sonoma County." He asked me "Where in Sonoma County?" I told him the Santa Rosa/Sebastopol area. He then told me that he and his wife lived in Santa Rosa and Berkeley for many years. And, when they lived in Santa Rosa, he worked at the Press Democrat!! That's crazy because my mom and Jer both worked there for many years; that's where they met and fell in love. Small world is right.
Maddie and I were semi-busy today. We played, straightened up, made a mess, visited my neck doctor for a check-up, and rested. The check-up went well in that she could tell how well I've responded to physical therapy; (ie) my neck can actually turn. She informed me that since I'm doing so much better we don't really need to talk surgery (thank God), but that in old age, I will most likely suffer from some painful arthritis in my neck (something to look forward to :(
So, that's if for now. Tomorrow Maddie has Gymboree and we are going to the class that's the next one up from where she is now. But, since she's mostly walking (be it wobbly) I think it will be more fun for her. The class she's leaving has many babies who aren't even crawling yet, so sometimes she seems bored and restless; Oh, and so am I :)


MOM said...

Sorry you are feeling so old at such a young age!! Hang in there. I love you all - MOM

Elisabeth said...

This world is small and I feel like it gets smaller all the time. I got a call at work the other day from a guy wanting to tell me all about a great project going on at his church. What church was it? The Walnut Creek Pres. where Clod is an elder and it's a project that Clod has been very involved with. Crazy. I mean I know it's just Walnut Creek but still felt weird. I have never worked somewhere where people knew my family. I was pretty anonymous in Utah. Shocking I know.
Now I feel better. I have been promising my older sis I would post and I have let the days get away. Love to you all!

SARAH said...

Yeah Comments!! Love you both. I am not trying to feel old, in fact I'd love to feel 18 again, but that just ain't happenin. Just got home from PT (that's physical therapy) and Gabe and I are on our way to Langosta Roja-translate that!
Love, me

And, Lizzy, Anonymous in Utah? Never.

Anonymous said...

Is it Red Lobster? Have fun if it is;)
Talk to you soon,
Siobhan & Aibha