Saturday, August 11, 2007

Gymboree & Dinner with the Neighbors

Maddie & Aibha at Gymboree yesterday

Good Saturday Morning to you,
Maddie just went down for her morning nap and I realized it's been way too long since I blogged (Siobhan pointed this out to me yesterday :) So, let's see. Yesterday, Siobhan, Aibha, Maddie and I all met at Gymboree to do open gym. Basically anyone can come and play with the equipment and it gives you a chance to socialize. Maddie and I haven't seen Aibha or Siobhan since the beginning of July! Aibha has turned 2 since then and she's a walking, talking, kid-no longer a baby. It's pretty amazing and a lot of fun to watch.
After Gymboree, Maddie and I made a mad dash home to feed her, bathe her, feed dogs, walk dogs, and change clothes. Then Gabe came home from work and we were off to the neighbors for dinner. I've spoken to some of you about these neighbors, but just in case I haven't I have to say this. Before the dinner, Gabe and I sort of thought they were weird-or maybe just not our type of people. We had heard through the neighborhood grapevine that they didn't have a TV-not that you have to have a TV to be our type, but I love TV, and, you get the picture. Also, they are into Harry Potter-which I know a lot of adults are, but we just are not. Plus, they really wanted to have dinner with us. They'd been asking us since before the Idaho trip and last night we finally made it happen. The wife, has told me that her and her hubby are thinking of having a baby, so I sort of think they wanted to really just see Maddie... what else is new? :) Anyways, we went over and it was terrific. The husband made a great meal (bread from scratch!) and we had really nice conversation. We left telling them thank you and that in a couple of weeks, they'd have to come over to our place for dinner.
What's the moral of the story you may be asking? I think it's this: take the invitation. That's sort of my new motto. When invited to do something, do it. I've been thinking this way for a little while, and I feel like doors are opening. I mean, as a stay at home mom, it's easy to do just that, stay home. But that gets tedious and can be boring. Plus, I asked myself, why do I say no to things to do (unless they conflict with family time or other obligations)? And, I think it's because I get scared. I worry that we'll have nothing to talk about. That's the biggest worry. Isn't that strange? Especially for me who is pretty much known to talk? So, I no longer allow myself to worry so much about conversation. So what if there are some quiet moments? The best of friends can share a quiet moment or lull in conversation and never feel anxious over it-so why not feel this way with strangers (or really just people who are yet to be close friends)?
So, you know what I'm doing tomorrow? Maddie and I were invited to a Gymboree friend's birthday party, and as soon as I was invited, I thought of ways to get out of it. Then, I stopped my mind and accepted the invitation-even though I'm a little nervous. What will we have to talk about?


Laura said...

I know exactly what you are talking about. We are always invited to do things with other couples or groups and I tend to elect to want to stay home. It's hard for me to want to socialize with people I don't know but once I'm there I end up having so much fun I wonder why I felt like it wouldn't be a fun in the first place. Tonight for example we are finally going to a BBQ that we've probably been invited to at least 5 times this year but haven't gone because of excuses. It'll be fun!

Anonymous said...

Good for you Sarah! I'm glad that the dinner went well for you all. Who knew? You're right though it is very easy to stay at home and stick to your routine and not do anything out of the ordinary...something I know I'm guilty of myself sometimes. It's hard to get out and meet others but definitely when the opportunities do arise we should avail of them. Talk to you soon and enjoy the party.
xx Siobhan and Aibha

Mom said...

I can't believe how big Aibha has gotten. She is so cute! I still picture her as the baby she was at your shower, Sarah. How did Maddie act with her? Was she really impressed with how Aibha gets around?
I'm glad you went to your neighbor's for dinner. I'm not sure which neighbors they are, but it's nice to have people around you can depend on should you need some help or that you can help them out as well. I do think it's good for you and Miss Maddie to be out (even though with your hot temps I'm sure it's not easy) you don't want to be too isolated!! Have fun and know you are very loved - MOM

SARAH said...

Thank you commentors! The birthday party was fun and I saw a friend there that used to be in our old Gymboree group. Her son is 1 this week and she told me at the party that she's 4 months pregnant! Due on New Years and she already knows that it's a boy. I told her she was brave to have them so close together :)