Wednesday, August 8, 2007


Okay, it's been a few hours and I've calmed down. It's true that sometimes hormones just get the best of you, and when you have a blog on top of that... well, enough said. I went to physical therapy and now I feel great. I made it to Alexa's wedding dress fitting and it was beautiful. Gabe and I are home and the baby is FINALLY asleep (who knows for how long), but we're having Chinese and going to enjoy our time.
The point I mostly wanted to make with the last post is that marriage, relationships, etc aren't perfect and we live in a world that requires everyone to pretend things are always going smoothly. I started this blog as a way to be really honest with myself, my feelings, and you guys who take the time to read my feelings. So, today was about total honesty-and honesty ain't always pretty. But, it's reality and I choose that. I read a lot of other blogs from other mom's and I admire many things about those blogs. I like the way some of them write, the stories they share, but mostly, I admire when I'm reading one and I get that " I know exactly how you feel" feeling. That's what I'm trying to convey to you. Basically that we all know life isn't perfect, so why don't we stop pretending it is? On top of that, I want you to know, I'm happy you're here.
My mantra today is "If you want to feel loved, then do something loving." (Anne Lamott)

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Anonymous said...

It's definitely not always easy, but you seem to have it fairly well worked out even if all the time things don't go exactly to plan. In the spur of the moment we don't have the leisure of hindsight, but knowing you're loved and loving someone else gives you leeway to reach a compromise and say sorry. We can't all be perfect all of the time. You're doing the very best you can so don't put pressure on yourself. Talk to you soon, pet.
xx Siobhan and Aibha