Tuesday, August 21, 2007

I'm back!

Hello All,
Well, I'm back and pretty tired. Yesterday I landed at 7 am and came home and went straight to bed. Gabe's Mom took Maddie in the afternoon because I was having trouble keeping my eyes open! It's funny because I made sure to not really drink in Vegas (not worth the hangover) but I still came home exhausted and somewhat delirious. So, Alexa is married. My mom and Lizzy met me in Vegas and came to the wedding. It was an incredibly busy weekend in Vegas-no time to really rest other than at the spa on Saturday. I'm getting ready to go to Physical Therapy in a few minutes, but if you are interested in pic's from the whole weekend, then you can find them here:


Enjoy!! I'll write more later or tomorrow when I feel more like myself. I do have a few stories to share :)

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Anonymous said...

Those are the first pics I've seen from the wedding, thanks for posting them on your blog! I can't wait to get our pictures from the photog. Great bachelorette pics too! I'm glad you got to sleep when you got back! I just want to say thanks for everything you did for me in Vegas, I felt really special and it meant the world to have you there by my side the whole time! I know how hard it must have been to leave Maddie for the weekend and I know your glad to be back and she's glad to have you back! Glad you had fun despite leavin your baby girl at home! Thanks again and I love you! Love lex