Wednesday, August 8, 2007


I just erased the post I really wanted to put up for you all to read, but then I thought it may show my husband in a bad light. I'm irritated currently-at a few people, all for the same reason. I don't want to go into it really, plus I have physical therapy in 10 minutes, so here's what I think.
I think physical therapy is a MUST for me currently. It is the only non-narcotic thing that helps my neck to feel better. I'm only allotted 6 weeks of said therapy and therefore I refuse to miss any appointments. I do not think I should be put upon when I ask my significant other to help me out (by helping me out I mean come home for an hour to watch TV while baby naps). Isn't that life for you? Here you are, having a long-hard-teething day with your baby and then the moment you get to leave to go to (choir sounds) physical therapy, she goes to sleep. So it is and always will be-women gettin' the short end of the stick!
If you read, you don't have to comment today. Everyone deserves a break :)

PS: I finished my Spanish class last night and got an "A." Yeah for me...bueno.


Laura said...

Compromising is something I've been learning to work on more with Jason, especially since we are getting married. Last week for a minute I went crazy bitch psycho on him and didn't want to rationalize or work the situation out in a normal adult manner. Luckily he didn’t hold it against me and we talked it through meeting at the middle with a “compromise” and in the end worked out for the both of us. It was easier for me to just walk away and not address the situation because it wasn’t in my favor, but of course it wasn’t fair to Jason for me to do that. So it’s hard but it’s a lesson that I really needed to face.

Sharing the responsibility of having a child must be pretty tough especially when you want to do something on your own and need to have the baby watched with one of you making the sacrifice of time. I’m sure it’ll all work out  It’s important that you need the therapy so you can get better!

Laura said...

Um, that question mark after the "I'm sure it'll all work out" is supposed to be a smiley face. I cut and pasted from a word doc so it must of changed. :)

SARAH said...

Thank you for your honesty and always reading and posting. It means a lot to know someone cares even a little about what I have to say.

Dan said...

One thing you females must remember is that us males aren't mind readers, in fact we are pretty simple when it comes down to it. If you need help ask, if you feel like your getting shorted tell us. I can speak from experience (intense) on the same issues. I know you women think we should always be attentive when you need something, but unfortunately we really aren't that smart.

You're right, marriage is tough, with kids really tough, but remember there will be a night when you REALLY need Gabe and he'll be there for you, and vice versa, and that is what love is all about.